Illegal Working Civil Penalties

In 2008, significant changes were made to laws concerning illegal working in the UK. Employers are now required to conduct annual checks on immigration status and eligibility to work of their employees. Teams of officers from the Home Office regularly visit workplaces to make checks.

We have identified fast food outlets, restaurants, building sites, factories, the security industry and businesses with casual labour as particularly at risk. Any employer knowingly employing illegal workers could face a Civil Penalty for each illegal worker and a criminal prosecution with a fine or imprisonment or both.

We have extensive experience of advising employers on all aspects of illegal working. We can carry out an audit of existing staff, prepare a policy document on best recruitment and HR practice and give intensively training on the legal issues arising. We can also provide immediate advice for employers notified by the Home Office that they have to pay a fine, and have an enviable success rate in challenging civil penalty cases.